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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Couch

On average, a couch set can usually last 10 to 15 years. But due to some signs you may notice, it might need replacement sooner, before its full depreciation. The following may help you decide whether you need to throw away that couch you have now.

Your couch is squeaking

A creaking noise coming from a worn couch implies three things: joints which have already come loose, poor quality of the product, and it’s time to replace it. Naturally, we have to move our bodies while we sit, in order to find our comfortable spot. Creaking noises while doing this is a sign for your couch’s farewell.

These signs of structural damage come from the joints rubbing. Vigorous movements cause friction that produces the noise. Thus, it explains the reason behind the weakening of joints on the wooden or metal frame, which needs an urgent remedy.

Couch cushions have gone flat

Recall the time you purchased that now shabby couch of yours. I am sure you can remeber your first time sitting on it. There were those fluffy cushions. The cushions are still there, but now those same cushions are flat. That means, your couch is uncomfortable to sit on. Time to upgrade!

You can also choose to simply refill the cushions, if the upholstery is still functional. Flat cushions swapped with pillow inserts may recover the same fluffy feature.

Stinky odor

Another sign that you should consider replacing your old couch is its smell. Your home should not be a place for stinky odors. Your couch might be unpleasant to sit on. Do you have pets lounging on your sofa? Is there anyone who sleeps there dirty? It might be time to replace it.

Yet, not everything that smells bad needs replacement. Homeowners might choose to use odor-neutralizing products. However, if the odor-neutralizing products do not have any effect at all, you should replace it.

Time to update your couch

Furniture styles also change. Once you realize your couch is not attractive anymore, you might give up on it. You can see no bright colors anymore but, instead, the color of stains for various reasons. The pattern has become old style now, and the current trend is different. Your couch seems to have become an antique now!

It is time for you to redecorate your house. First impressions last. Do not create an impression of an uncared for house. Throw your couch away now; though, not in your garbage bin. Choose Evergreen Junk Removal  for a convenient and efficient job!

The primary purpose of a couch in a living room is to provide comfort for the homeowner. Losing its quality means losing its purpose. If it’s not a thing that comforts you anymore, then it is time for you to replace your couch, unless it’s an antique. The signs above may help you decide whether you need to throw away your old couch.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/4K6jgKr3OxY

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