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Four Common Issues Septic Systems Face

Professional septic installation is important to ensure a dependable and safe system for both residential and commercial waste disposal. But, septic emergencies can happen and issues with the system may occur if preventative system maintenance is not part of the normal home care routine.

Inappropriate septic design and poor maintenance are the most common causes of septic issues. Some systems are installed at sites that have inadequate or inappropriate soils, high-ground water tables, and excessive slopes. Such conditions can result in hydraulic failures and contamination of nearby water sources. Also, without routine maintenance like tank pumping every 3-5 years, solids inside the tank will migrate into the drain field and clog the septic system. Below are the common issues that septic systems can face:

Backups and Clogs

Nobody wants to see dirty sewage seeping back up through drains into homes. This problem can be avoided by keeping non-septic safe wastes out of the drains. Homeowners should avoid expandable and thick substances such as cotton, grease, tampons, and diapers.

Excessive Wastewater in the Septic Tank

Inefficient use of water can result in the tank holding more water than it should. When the tank has too much water, solid wastes will not break down before the water level rises so high that solid mater passes out of the tank into distribution tubes made only to handle liquids. As a result, the tubes will be blocked. This can be fixed by reducing the amount of water going into the system. Thus, homeowners should spread out clothes for washing over some days instead of doing full loads at once.

Tree Root Infiltration

Wastes in septic tanks are rich in moisture and nutrients which make them attractive to tree roots. That is why tree roots tend to slowly grow around and into the tank and lines and working their way up through small leaks and cracks. Septic tank experts can account for nearby trees and plants to prevent infiltration in the future.

Sewer Odor Buildup

This problem can take place when the septic system ventilation is clogged. A ventilation clog will cause grasses to get trapped in the house. When this takes place, homeowners should call an emergency septic system service to clear out the vent and eliminate the unpleasant sewer odor.

Although there are many common issues that can happen with septic tanks and systems, most of them can be easily addressed with professional assistance. Also, regular septic maintenance will keep the occurrence of these problems minimal.

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