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It’s Time to Change Your Windows

Changing the windows on your property doesn’t happen very often, but if you reside in a home long enough, you will have to approach it eventually. As it’s also quite an expensive undertaking, you must choose the right windows that will make you happy and look good in your home. To make the proper selection, you must have as much information as possible about what’s on offer and the different options available to you. This short article will give you a good starting point to move forward in picking the best windows for both your budget and your home.

Modern Windows

There are several materials that modern windows are manufactured from, and they all have different characteristics which may lend themselves to be suited to your property, let’s look at them now:

  • Timber – Hardwoods such as Oak are used for window frames as they have been for centuries. They have excellent stability and are superb thermal and acoustic insulators. On the downside, timber is generally the most expensive and requires a lot of maintenance.
  • UPVC – This is a lightweight plastic which is a robust building material that has been used in windows for many years. It is a low-cost option when compared to Timber or Aluminium. They can sometimes warp or crack in extreme circumstances, and colours can fade after a couple of years.
  • Aluminium – this lightweight metal is growing in popularity for windows as it is resistant to warping, corrosion or flexing, is long-lasting, and provides excellent insulation. They sit in the middle ground when discussing costs between the other two options.

Starting Your Search

Let’s say for argument’s sake you’ve chosen Aluminium for your windows, and the next step would be to see what is available near you. Use your preferred search engine and type in aluminium windows Oxfordshire, for example. It will give you the details of more than enough local companies that could supply your modern windows, and the next step would be to take some time to look at each of your listed suppliers’ websites. When you’ve done this and found several where you like the look of their products, then a good practice is to check these companies out on consumer rating websites such as Trustpilot and Feefo. Doing this will give you a good idea of how well they do the job and what their customers think of their windows and service.

Making Contact

When addressing a considerable undertaking such as changing your windows, it’s always a great idea to get at least two or three different pricing quotes, and most companies now offer this free of charge. After the initial contact, most suppliers should then offer to visit your home to look at the setting and offer you a suitable range of windows from which you can choose. They may also use computer design programmes to show you what the window may look like on your property. It is crucial to keep a level head throughout the sales process and not let them pressure you to decide until you’ve got all the information you require on details such as installation, aftercare, and warranty.

The Final Decision

Having been diligent in collecting a wealth of information ad quotes from at least three suppliers, you can then make your decision and press on with getting your new windows fitted.

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