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All You Need to Know About Ceiling Roses: Are They Still Trending?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing plaster ceiling roses for your home decor. Ceiling roses by DFN Plaster products are very much in trend right now. If all kinds of plaster decors fascinate you, you must think about adding plaster ceiling roses by DFN Plaster products to add charm and beauty to your home.

What do you mean by the ceiling rose?

The ceiling roses decorate your home and add on beauty to the ceilings, which allow you to either hang the lighting, chandelier or even a fan. It is basically a design being cast on the ceilings in round shape along with some ornamental design. It looks like the rose which has its symbolic meaning as secrecy in Roman times and later on during Scottish Government rule, the rose symbolizes freedom of speech.

Behind the plaster, there is a very small place made to keep the wires setting so as to connect the lighting or fan with the main switch. And is usually made in the center of the room so as to already light if lighting is used or air if the fan is hung across the room.

Are ceiling roses still in demand?

Yeah, and they are still considered as the fashion statement for your home. Now, they are not only fit at your home but in corporate offices, malls, restaurants and many other places to increase the beauty of the building. Using the plaster ceiling roses in Melbourne, you can decorate your home, and you do not need to do any extra or add any other element to your room. You can also paint on their ceiling, and for that, you need to use the spray with high volume and love pressure and not the brush as it can destroy the beauty of the rose by erasing the ornament design on the ceiling rose as it spread a thick coating of the vibrant color.

How to fit a ceiling rose?

The ceiling rose simply allows you to make a plain ceiling have a focal point for the chandelier or the fan. And of course, you cannot fit the ceiling rose on your own and thus need an electrician. You need to buy a ceiling rose from them as they provide you with the light in weight and effectiveness. Then drill the hole in the center of the rose with the help of a drilling machine. After that sand the surface where you want the ceiling rose and then wipe it off. Use the adhesive glue to stick the rose and let the electrician do the rest of his work.

How to select the right ceiling rose?

You can simply choose the plaster ceiling rose according to the size and design you mostly prefer and they will provide you with the same ceiling rose that you need. Depending on the size of your room and the height of the ceilings, the size of the ceiling rose matters, and they can help you with this. With a big house, you will need a big ceiling, and with a small one, you will need a ceiling rose which is small as well as has small ornaments design on it. There are various designs they can all you such as plain, huge, flat and many more to use.

Electrician skills needed strong communication and customer service skills are important, as electricians often interact with clients and work in teams.

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