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What’s the Right Flooring for Your New Home?

If you’re designing your dream home, flooring may be somewhat of an afterthought, but it’s an architectural decision that will affect everything about your new home’s appearance, longevity, and resale value. Making the right decisions at the design phase will make it easier as you complete your build.

Don’t Forget Your Perimeter Spaces

Garages, workshops, pool houses, and other interior and exterior spaces deserve more than bare concrete. Epoxy floor products allow you to make these areas appear cleaner. They preserve your concrete and protect it from stains, as well as giving you choices about color. If they’re applied correctly by a commercial contractor, they add a moisture barrier. Most of all, they give a commercial appearance to these spaces that show your visitors that your recreation is just as serious to you as your kitchen and dining room areas.

High-Traffic and Spill-prone Areas Need Easy Cleanup Solutions

Kitchens, dining rooms, and other high-traffic areas where your guests mingle, eat and drink need care-free flooring solutions. Tile has long been the standard for floors like these, but make sure you select the right kind. You don’t want tiles that are slippery when wet, and it needs to be strong enough to resist chipping and breaking from any anticipated impacts. Grout needs to be sealed after it’s had plenty of time to dry so that it’s more resistant to stains from spilled food and drink.

Synthetic floor systems that have an appearance like wood can give these areas a warmer appearance, and if installed correctly can also be highly resistant to stains and scuffs. The better systems have color all the way through, so that if they are scratched or scuffed the wear is not as evident.

Consider Carpet for Your Private Spaces

Bedrooms, personal living spaces, and the hallways leading to them can be set off from your public spaces by judicious use of carpet. It’s less durable and harder to clean than the other choices, but it reduces noise and is warmer on bare feet in the winter. Carpet is available in lots of colors and textures for various applications.

Your guests will notice your flooring choices as they move through your home environment. Future buyers will be particularly observant of your flooring if looking through your home when it’s time to sell, especially if furniture and other items have been removed. Choose floors that are durable, easy to clean, and timeless, rather than trendy.

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