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Want To Try Michelada At Home? Check All Details Here!

Mexico is known for many things, but food & beverages often remain on the top of everyone’s list. The concept of spiced beer is common in Mexico, and it is called Micheladas or Cheldas. No matter what you choose to call it, the drink is always a mix of cold beer with lime juice and a special sauce that’s typically spicy. Micheladas or Cheldas is a traditional drink in many ways, and you will find many variations of this in different parts of Mexico, often with inclusions like Worcestershire sauce. If you are wondering how to prepare a michelada, you should know that it’s not the hardest concoction, and there are some products and mixes in the market, which allow easy preparation on the go. Here are some more things worth knowing.

Knowing more about michelada

Michelada or chelada, as you may choose to call it, is popular in most parts of Mexico, and it initially came off as a choice when people wanted more flavorsome beer. There are many claims as how a michelada came into existence, and lot of people do believe that Mexican general Augusto Michel is the inventor of the idea way back in 1940s. Some stories suggest that Michel Esper was the inventor of the drink, who owned a sports bar and created the drink in 1970. No matter how you choose to think of michelada, it remains an important part of gastronomical culture of Mexico and also of Latin culture.

Making the Chelada Mix

There are various ways of making the michelada, but in most cases, you need to get the best Chelada Mix you can find in the market. Of course, you also need cold beer. The first step is to rim a mug (must be cold) with salt, for which you can use some lime to stick. Some people like to add some sort of spice mix on the rim too for that extra punch. Next, just add some lime juice to the cold mug, add Chelada Mix, and add chilled beer. That’s all you need to do. The good part is chelada mixes are available easily, and some of these are actual secret spice mixes, which gives the right kick to any beer of your choice.

With that said, check online now to find more about Chelada Mix and pick one that’s designed for all kinds of beer and can be easily stocked.

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