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Guide on How to Choose the Best Door Handle

There is more to selecting the best door handle than simply going to the local hardware store and picking the first one you see. Not only is the style important, but there’s a need to choose the right lock set and extra parts as needed. Whether you are shopping for your front or interior door, you should consider the look, feel and the cost.

Types of Door Handles

The words door knob and door handle are often used interchangeably, but there are several differences between them and it is important to know those differences in order to find the handle you actually need.

Door knobs

A door knob is classified as a circular or square knob that needs a firm grasp and twisting of the wrist to function. As a result of the physical requirements of door knobs, they don’t meet handicap Accessible Design requirements. Although, this is not a necessity in homes, it is worth considering when designing yours. Knobs can also be harder to operate for people suffering from arthritis.

Lever handles

A lever handle is a more functional option for people who find traditional door knobs hard to use. These handles are easier to grasp and they meet the Accessible Design requirements. As people grow older, dexterity becomes harder and grabbing and turning knobs can become an uncomfortable, but necessary undertaking. If you have a plan of living in your house for a long time, consider updating the door handles to levers as soon as possible to avoid accessibility problems in the future.


Handlesets are commonly used on entry/front doors. Instead of having a lock on the handle area itself, handlesets have a matching deadbolt. A thumb latch push down is needed to open the door, and this can be unpleasant for persons with limitations in mobility. When buying a handle set, it is also important to consider the sort of lock that looks and works well with it. These sets are normally sold together, but some shops offer the choice to mix and match.

How to Choose the Right Door Handle

When shopping for a new door handle, there are three main things you should consider: the look, feel and the cost. Every one of them plays a different, but crucial role.


Though small door handles can greatly impact the general appearance of your home. Nowadays, there are very many options of door handles to choose from that it can be overwhelming. To make things easier, think of your door handle as any other accessory instead of a piece of hardware. Put into consideration the general theme and look of your house. If you have a contemporary and sleek feel in your home, a vintage-looking brass knob may not fit the general look you are trying to attain.


The feel of the door handle might seem like a silly consideration, but it is actually important. It is highly likely that you will use the door handles endless times every day; therefore it makes sense to ensure that it feels comfortable in your hand. Don’t buy a handle that makes you uncomfortable or is tricky to use. Take into account the people who will be handling the door and if they have any physical limitations.


A common misconception when buying doors is that they come fitted with hinges handles and latches already, but this is not the case. When you purchase a door, you are just purchasing the door itself and you will need to buy the other pieces separately.

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