How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Moving can be an exciting time for a family. The prospect of a new home fills your mind with potential and possibilities for creating the home of your dreams. But not so fast – you still need to sell your current home in order to have the funding for the new one. There are a few small things that can bring big money and encourage a buyer to sign on the dotted line.


A home that is dirty or that carries odors from food, trash, mold or other unpleasant things is going to be a hard sell. Do a deep cleaning on the home including scrubbing corners and baseboards, walls and ceilings, light fixtures and under sinks. Use a degreaser anywhere people grab or touch often, such as handrails, light switches and doorknobs.


Nobody wants to move into a home that needs work just to be livable. Take a look at your plumbing, water heater, faucets, toilets and showers or baths to ensure that all are sound and working properly. You might do the same with the electrical systems. You might wish to use one of the qualified handyman services Arvada Colorado offers to help do the job right. Replace all light bulbs and put fresh batteries in the smoke alarms.


Nothing says clean and fresh like a new coat of paint. Choose neutral colors such as a light grey, a medium taupe, or a creamy beige that could go with the new owner’s furnishings, whatever color they might be. Don’t forget to paint trim a crisp white to clean up the edges and give a finished look to the room.


Staging is a trick used by successful realtors to accomplish one of three goals; to disguise flaws, to highlight special features or to help a buyer envision how a space might be used. You can go the full Monty and add every detail down to today’s paper rolled up on a breakfast tray at the end of the master bed, or go the budget-friendly route using small vignette groupings to let them know what the room’s purpose is. Just make sure to use updated styles and colors. Otherwise best to leave it empty.

Don’t forget to highlight the first approach to your home. Keep the lawn mowed and trash and clutter cleaned up. Plant some flowers along the walkway or in some pots on the porch. Wash or paint the entry door as needed. As they say, “You only get one chance to make a first impression” and by following these guidelines your home should make a great one.

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