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How Do You Move a Lot of Hanging Clothes?

More people than ever are moving as a result of unconventional times. If you’re like many people, you’re taking this time to reassess your life. If moving is your plan, you might be wondering how to make that move easiest. Aside from planning well in advance of moving day and hiring a reputable moving company, one way to make your move stress-free is to focus on how you do your packing. For a few things to consider when it comes to moving your clothing, read on.

Using Packing Cubes When Possible

Many people are in the habit of hanging everything up. If you’re someone who uses your closet for all the clothes you own, now is a good time to consider items you can fold. When making a big move, start by taking a closer look at things you can fold like your favorite black skinny jeans women always compliment you on or those fun-loving graphic t-shirts.

Packing cubes, especially those that are translucent are a great way to not only save space during a move but can help when it comes time to unpack. Because you can see what’s inside each cube, it’s easier to put things away at your new home. Just because you generally prefer to hang something in the closet doesn’t mean that it needs to be transported that way. The truth is that your move will be easier with fewer hanging clothes to bring and look out for.

Working With Movers


Maybe you’re moving from a corporate job at a NYC firm and have already contracted your move with a group of fantastic New York movers. By hiring a professional moving company, you’ve already taken a lot of the stress out of your move. However, before moving day, it’s a good idea to give that moving company a call to go over how they suggest you handle packing personal items and clothes. Some moving companies will recommend you keep clothing inside of drawers whereas others will ask you to box them up or be willing to transport them on portable hanger carriers.

As you make these calls, go through your closets, and even look to blogs and vlogs for answers on how to best plan for your move, it’s a good idea to consider making a move fun by getting your family and friends involved. If you won’t be local anymore, any time you can spend with the people you love before you leave will be an opportunity for a good memory. And if you’ll be taking kids with you on your move, you can make it fun for them too with contests and games around who can pack their room most efficiently including those closets and hangers.

Hanging and Fragile Attire


If you’re worried about protecting the perfect wardrobe and can’t stand the idea of folding your clothes, consider splurging on clothing rods you can hang inside your car. These simple tools can be an affordable option for transporting clothes, as can standing carriers you can tie into vans and larger vehicles with bungee cords.

At the end of the day, while you could just throw everything you own into suitcases, taking time to plan out how you pack delicate items will make unpacking easier. Whether you opt for a professional move or decide to do it on your own, your local or long distance move will go more smoothly if you assess your wardrobe and take the time to pack carefully.

Best of luck with new opportunities and neighbors coming your way. Make sure to take breaks as you make and plan your move and do what you can to celebrate this big change.

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