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Going Solar? Don’t Forget to Ask These Questions

There is no doubt that solar technology is the way forward, as fossil fuels continue to be used up, more and more commercial and residential properties are turning to solar power. If you are strongly considering converting your home to solar energy, it is essential to work with a reputable company. When you go shopping, it is important to do research on the subject and review plenty of solar websites to get an idea of who is the best company for the job.

When you’ve identified a solar business, ask these questions to learn more.

How long have they been running?

Although this doesn’t always equate to good service, most of the time a company who has been involved in the solar industry will provide a good quality service. They’ll be able to give you useful information on solar panel installations, hybrid battery systems, energy conversion and more. A new company who has just entered the market won’t know as much about the industry as a well-established entity.

What is the best system for your home?

There are different types of solar systems for residential homes, what works for one property may not be suitable for another. The only way of finding out is to speak to a company representative on the subject. They’ll be able to discuss with you what systems and configurations are possible for your home, they’ll also know what financial incentives are available in your state. Once they know your budget, a solar consultant can recommend a range of options to suit your needs.

Who will be installing the solar system?

The company you are talking to won’t necessarily be the people who install your solar technology. You’ll find that some have their own team of installation experts that work exclusively for them, while others subcontract to another company who works for various other organisations. Just because a company subcontracts doesn’t mean it will affect their quality of work; it all depends on the standards set by the solar energy company.

Does the business have a solid reputation & proven track record?

When hiring a contractor or dealing with a solar consultancy firm, you’ll some are inevitably better than others. Some have been around longer than others, while some companies are fairly new with a glowing reputation.

How long will the entire process take?

You’ll want to know how long it will take from your initial deposit payment to viewing the entire system in operation in your home. Some solar energy companies are highly efficient, completing the process in less than 3 weeks, while others take a lot longer, sometimes a few months. If you work with a local installer, the lead time will be a lot shorter.

If you are interested in solar energy and you are ready to convert your home and focus on a renewable energy source, there are plenty of reputable companies out there who can help. Switching to green energy means taking a stand for the environment, you are setting long-term goals to lower your carbon footprint and fight global warming.

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