Four Myths about Basement Waterproofing Debunked

Water is one of the elements that can be most devastating to your property.  Whether you get this water from broken pipes or rain, it must be dealt with before it can cause some serious damages. Water issues in your home can make your foundation crack, allowing water to seep in and mold and mildew to grow. Water damage can result in costly home repairs, especially when not noticed and repaired right away. But, while there are ways to deal with these problems, you want to be aware of some of the common myths about basement waterproofing. They include:

You Only need Waterproof Paint to Fix a Leaky Basement

Although waterproof paint can minimize the amount of vapor which gets into your home, you need a proper basement waterproofing strategy to properly divert water from your foundation. The right strategy will help you avoid costly foundation repair. Sometimes, interior waterproofing might be enough; however, exterior waterproofing will do much more to solve the issue. You need to consult with a foundation professional to remove moisture in the basement.

Basement Waterproofing will not Prevent Flooding

When being done by experts, basement waterproofing should effectively keep water out of your basement. That is why you must choose the right company to do the job for you. A great company will stand by their work.

To Keep Water Out of the Basement, you Need Just Sump Pumps

Sump pumps work well in removing any water; however, they must be used as a part of a complete waterproofing solution to be more effective. If a solution does that work your basement, there are other options out there to address a leaking basement. French drains and downspout extensions might be enough to effectively solve the issue. Sometimes, wall crack injections might be a good option.  In terms of basement waterproofing, a customized plan must be in place. This is because every home and situation is different and requires a customized solution.

Waterproofing the Basement is Costly

Any repair that is done right will save you lots of money in future repairs down the road. And reputable basement waterproofing experts will not recommend unnecessary solutions at inflated prices. They do their job by identifying the issue, the source of the problem, and the perfect solution. Professional basement waterproofing will cost less than you would expect when you hire the right company to complete the job.

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