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Four Inspection Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Home

Buying and selling a property is stressful. Sellers will want to make their homes look as good as possible without spending a fortune. That is why most of them may resort to the cheapest and easiest things to do such as painting, cleaning, changing light fixtures, and renovate their floors. But, as a home buyer, you must look beyond the cosmetics to see what is really going on in a home that might be listed in the MLS real estate. Before buying a home, make sure you consider these inspection tips:

Look for Out for Cracks and Titles

A home can have a fresh interior smell from that floor varnish and paint. However, the exterior could make your break your bank if you are not careful. A home can look good when you first see it but could have serious foundation problems. Cracks and tilts are obvious signs of these issues. As sellers may try to hide these flaws, they may paint the cracks so look out for surface mismatch or paint.

Consider the Ownership History

A house that has a high turnover is a serious warning sign. You can find information on how to check homeownership turnover online. It won’t be easy to know what it is like to live in a house until you have taken possession. After you take over, you might discover that you have underestimated the ratting manhole cover, constant honking, and traffic tremors. If these are serious issues for you, you might have to spend a few thousand dollars more to take care of them.

Look for Signs of Water Damage

Hiring water damage with paint will trap the moisture in the walls which may result in mold. Black mold is not healthy for humans to breathe. Spend time checking the underside of sinks and drawers in the kitchen. Check the base of the toilets and tubs. Leaks are present when you see soft or warped sheetrock.

Check the Floors

When attending a Calgary real estate open house, consider bringing a marble you should place around various areas of the floor of every room. A marble test is especially important when checking an older home. This will let you see how uneven the floors are. In some cases, the home will settle aggressively to create a hump in the middle. It is not cheap to fix deflections since it involves ripping out the existing floor, correcting the support columns, searching for a matching floor, and finishing it to match the original flooring. Plus, the home may require foundation work when the floors are not even.

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