Discover well-known Generator Problems

The generator is known as life saver especially when you need them the most. However, when the generator fails to run, it leads to more frustration. In such a situation you need a heavy duty generator battery. But before choosing the battery you should get aware of the generator system.

Discover the most common generator problems and tips to overcome it:

  1. Fuel Problems

The most common generator problem is when fuel is not sufficient. This happens when generally is not used frequently. Fuel level gauges are not accurate at times. You need to check the fuel level as certain generators stop working if the fuel level is low.  Also, check the quality of the fuel. If it is stale, you may have to replace it. In the case of a clogged engine, visit the mechanic for repair. Use the recommended fuel instead. Even due to leakage, the generator stops functioning.  Hence, check valves for fuel supply.

  1. Batteries

Another common issue is battery failure. Generator battery has a life of not more than 4 years. Hence, you need to check whether all the batteries, chargers and connections are working properly.

  1. Check the level of oil

The generator may fail to start due to low oil.  There is a ‘low oil shutoff sensor’ in many generators to avoid damage. It is best to check the oil and replace it on time.

  1. Clogging of the Carburetor

Many times generators don’t start if the carburetor is not clean. It mixes the air and fuel which helps in releasing the spark. So it is important to keep the carburetor clean wherein removing all the parts is required. You can consult the mechanic if you do not have much knowledge about this.

  1. Avoid overloading of the Generator

The generator would fail to produce enough power if overloaded. You may need a generator battery with the proper size. This is because running too many devices can put more load on the generator.

You need to check how much load a generator can handle. Keep yourself aware of the fact that certain appliances utilize more power. To avoid overloading, you can install these items gradually.

  1. Air Filter full of dirt

The generator requires enough oxygen to run properly. If there is too much dirt, the engine may get damaged. Even if you have a good generator battery, the system may function incorrectly. You should run the generator only if the air-filter is present.

  1. Power is not there

Often the generator fails to produce power. This is mainly due to circuit getting tripped or fuses issue. Before starting the generator, you need to replace the fuse which has blown out.

Also, the motor may have got damaged in certain portable generators. Check the power using a voltmeter and amp meter.

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