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3 FAQs about Bed Bug Infestation Answered

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are insects that feed on blood. They are about the size of an apple seed and may vary in color. They are usually brown, but they swell up and redden after they are fed. What makes them different from other bugs is that they cannot fly as they don’t have wings. In other words, they can escape into hiding for a quick meal and run off when they are done. Bed bugs don’t feed on the hosts every night. Once they have the blood they need, they tend to remain in hiding for a week to lay eggs. As these eggs are not bigger than a dust speck, they are nearly impossible to spot.

What causes bed bugs?

Many believe that bed bug grow in dirty places, but the truth is they can thrive anywhere. You can find them in hotels, borrowed furniture, libraries, public transport, and a lot more. As they love to hide, they love to stay in a mess. But they don’t even spare a well maintained home. Beds are their favorite places to hide in as there are so many layers to hide them and it also keeps them closer to their food. There is no easy answer for preventing a bed bug infestation. But you can begin with reducing the clutter as much as possible. You should also vacuum the place and seek for the signs of bed bug infestation. If you are concerned, then you can also use a large mattress encasement for keeping the bed bugs out of the most common hiding places. But none of these practices can guarantee you to keep the bed bugs away at all costs.

How do you know you are infested?

As they are small, they can be easily detected. They are not hard to find. As a matter of fact, your own body will sense that something is wrong. If you woke up with small red dots on your body that means your bed is infested. You may find itchy and clustered bumps. But many people don’t react to their bites, so look out for more telltale signs. Look for bloodstains on your sheets or pillowcase. Remove the sheets from your bed, then the box springs, and then check the wooden frame and headboard. They are called bed bugs, so you may find them more around the bed, rather than inside it.

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