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Why Should You Choose Commercial Shredding Service Over Home Shredding Service?

Shredding useless documents in a recycle bin can be convenient to you or for your daily habit, but is definitely not good for your business. These discarded documents belong to the entire public. So, if anyone gets access to the information, he has all the right to use it in any manner. That is the reason it is very important to adopt proper document shredding methods for safe destruction of data.

There are basically two popular options to perform shredding services. One is in-house or home shredding service and another is on-site or commercial shredding service. Selecting of the right method requires learning about the pros and cons of both the methods. Off-site method offers safer, quicker and specialized destruction service that makes it the first choice for businesses.

How off-site shredding is performed?

Off-site shredding is a popular and safest form of destruction of confidential data in a business. It takes place at a safe shredding location. Using this service, the firm gathers the documents that need to be shred. The company gathers the documents from various customers in the area using a secured truck. Once full, this truck goes to a safe destruction place where the documents get unloaded as well as shredded inside a large sized industrial shredder.

Advantages of commercial paper shredding services

Commercial shredding services deploy safer ways to securely dispose your unwanted and old confidential documents in no time. This firm shred all the documents provided to them with an industrial and professional shredder machine into unreadable particles.

Off-site destruction service is beneficial when huge amounts of data need to be destroyed quickly. In case of on-site destruction service, it takes a lot of time to shred even less number of documents. Their service saves time and also makes it quite easy and efficient to discard high volume documents easily.

What to look for when choosing an external document shredding service?

When contacting a service company always ensures that they are certified and specialized for secure document shredding. Prefer the one who is a “NAID AAA” certified document destruction firm. Once this requirement is met, you can then compare different shredding services on the basis of experience, expertise, professionalism, technology used, and charges.


To make the right decision of document shredding service requires you to know what things do you need to look for in a shredding service. Based on your requirements, assessing the available shredding options would ensure the best data destruction.

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