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Which is Better: Water Conditioner or Water Softener?

If you have hard water in your home, it becomes quite apparent. It may annoy you to have scaling formed around your drains, showerhead, bathroom and kitchen faucet. Sometimes, the water doesn’t even let the soap lather all the way. So, you need to take the right steps to fix this issue. When seeking the solution, you may find two: water conditioning and water softening. This article focuses on water conditioner vs water softener and which is ideal for you.

Water conditioner vs Water softener

Water softener uses a process of ionic exchange to pull hard water minerals out of the water and then replacing these minerals with sodium ions. These minerals are drained, in other words, your water supply is free from minerals that lead to hard water. Water conditioner, descaler, and salt free conditioner, these terms delineate a different kind of system. A descaler doesn’t eliminate minerals from water completely. Instead, it changes the chemical structure of water to halt minerals from forming scale on your pipes. Not a true water softener per se, as minerals are still left in the water, but ideal for many homes. A water softener gets rid of most minerals present in the water that truly renders it as soft water.

  1. It reduces scaling in the pipes.
  2. It reduces the white or yellow stains around faucets and drains.
  3. It lets the soap to lather easily and eliminating the soap scum.
  4. It lets you to use less soap, detergent, and dish soap.
  5. It reduces water spots from dishes

People prefer installing water softeners when they have left no stone unturned when it comes to dealing with the nuisances of hard water. But there are many reasons you will have to explore other options as well.

Water conditioners

They don’t use salt to eliminate hardness from the water, nevertheless they are deemed a popular way to address this issue. The only con is that, the minerals still exist and you still face problems with lathering and water quality.

The advantages of using water conditioners are as follows:

  1. It eliminates scaling in pipes.
  2. It eliminates the white or yellow stains around faucets or drains.
  3. It doesn’t need as much maintenance as water softeners
  4. It typically costs less for installation.
  5. It doesn’t waste water at all.
  6. Many still prefer water to feel a tad bit less slippery.

The water filters is a device that removes contaminants from drinking water. The best way to know if you have been drinking clean drinking water is by making sure to buy a high-quality water filter.

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