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It’s Coming Up To That Time Of The Year When You Need To Deep Clean Your Home.

Hygiene and order in the home are as important as personal hygiene. Cleaning is one of the most necessary actions, which must be done in the spaces we walk through and, above all, in the ones we live in. Cleaning guarantees us to avoid bacteria, parasites, and/or viruses that may be contaminants, but it is in charge of preventing any type of dirt. According to health specialists, it is considered that having a clean and hygienic environment constantly is one of the most critical and essential elements for a person’s health.

The best way to clean the house thoroughly and do it quickly and effectively is to be organized. On the one hand, it is essential to carry out the fundamental tasks daily to not accumulate all the work on the weekend and make cleaning overwhelming and practically impossible to take on. On the other hand, the organization is also about cleaning the house properly because it is not the same as the order you clean. Just follow this list, and you will have everything under control.

  • Open all the windows and let in light and warmth, and count on them as allies for this tune-up. The house needs to breathe and oxygenate, and this is an excellent opportunity to give it that.
  • The easiest way to clean ceilings and walls of all rooms is with the help of a vacuum cleaner, duster, or a brush-covered with a cloth. These tools will allow you to remove the dust that has formed in these less accessible areas, also taking care of the corners and baseboards.
  • The best way to clean windows is with soapy water and vinegar. With it, frames and crystals are reviewed that will be dried with special cloths for the crystal.
  • To clean lamps and light bulbs, first, make sure they are always turned off. To clean them, it is enough to pass them a feather duster and then a damp cloth. If the lamps are made of glass, the most appropriate way to clean them is with wet cotton gloves, wiping glass by glass.
  • To clean the furniture, you must consider how it is finished, so you will know which product is the most suitable to clean them. Remember that it is also necessary to clean the back and underneath of each piece of furniture.
  • Here you will have to observe the type of material your floors are made of. If they are made of wood or marble, once vacuumed, you will pass a mop reaching the corners, and if there are stains, clean them with a damp cloth very wrung out. If the floors are waterproofed, they will only be mopped.
  • To wash curtains, blankets, comforters, cushions, and covers in the washing machine, remember to read the washing instructions and use the delicate cycle.

With these tips taken from a housekeeping agency on how to clean the house thoroughly, you will get your house clean without leaving your skin in the task. Remember that daily order and organization are always the best basis for a clean home.

It is advisable to do a thorough cleaning every 6 months approximately. It is also highly recommended to carry them out with homes that have been closed for at least 2 months since the accumulation of dust in these cases is much higher.

A general deep cleaning routine usually involves moving heavy or semi-heavy objects, such as the refrigerator, cabinets, furniture, etc. Therefore, it is widespread and a good idea to have the services of a housekeeping agency that can take care of this type of work.

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