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How to Install the Correct Internal Fire Doors for an Office Environment

Fire safety is always important, but when you are responsible for the safety of employees within an office environment it becomes an even greater part of your plan of action. Fire safety can take many different forms, including fire escape routes, understanding of fire safety and training staff to appreciate the right types of behaviour to eradicate the potential for a fire breaking out in the workplace, and the type of fire door that should be purchased and installed correctly to ensure that everyone is safe at work. In an office environment you are not only talking about the safety of employees, but also customers and the protection of company assets. A fire could destroy a company financially, as well as injure and potentially kill staff, so make sure that you are correctly installing the right fire door for your needs.

The first thing to consider when looking at fire doors for an office environment is that every single workplace, no matter what type of industry we are talking about, has to have the safety of staff as its priority. On top of that, if there is a regular flow of customers, clients and suppliers to the workplace, safety is also paramount for those groups of people. Internal fire doors must be fitted appropriately with this factor in mind.

Offices are designed and laid out in many different formats, due to the vast and expansive nature of office work. There are loads of different functions that an office space can be used for, and fire safety should be looked at with the specific office and its configuration in mind. There are different safety aspects and fire escape routes, for example, that would be next to useless in one office setup but perfect to keep people safe in another type of office configuration.

A flush timber-frame fire door and frame set is the way to go to ensure that you have maximum protection from fire. These types of fire door sets can be designed and produced to match any specific office environment and safety requirement. If you require an extra level of visibility without compromising on the robustness of the fire door for safety reasons, you should also consider glazed fire doors. Similarly, soundproof fire doors could be very handy in certain office environments.

If you are in the market for a fire door to ensure that your office is completely up to scratch with the latest general health and safety standards, as well as the regulatory fire safety standards for your industry, it is important that you choose a supplier that you can trust. Fire safety is never something that you should take a chance on. The correct fire door installed incorrectly, or the wrong type of door installed as a fire door, can have disastrous consequences that can destroy an office, cause untold damage to a business, as well as injure or potentially kill your members of staff. Always choose a supplier of fire doors that has a track record that you can trust.

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