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How To Create More Living Space In Your Current Property.

When you first bought your property, you probably thought to yourself that this would be the place that you would bring up your family and that you would retire in, but things change and families grow. It was probably your intention to have only one or two children, but that has all changed and now that you have a growing family, it seems that your current property is too small to keep everyone happy. As children grow older, they want their own private space and they expect you as the parent to provide it for them. You do have options here, but one involves moving out of your current property to another one which you really don’t want to do, and the other is to do some renovations and conversions so that you can stay in the property that you and your family love.

At a time like this, you need to talk to your local building contractor who has lots of years of experience doing renovations and granny flat construction. If there is space in your house to create more bedrooms and more space, then these are the guys to talk to. Many people overlook a few parts of their home that have real potential to allow you to create more space and the following are just some ideas for you to consider.

Convert your attic space – There is an attic space right above your head and it is not being properly utilised. You probably have a Christmas tree stored up there and some boxes of old clothes, but apart from that, it is space that you’re not using. Your attic has the potential to be converted into a large bedroom or two small bedrooms and with the installation of a sky light which it makes the perfect place to sleep. The kids will love you for this and it is very likely that there will be fighting involved just to see who gets to enjoy this new living space. It doesn’t take a great deal of time and money to do this and you will wonder why you didn’t do it years ago.

Convert your garage – Your garage is the perfect place to create a granny flat and most of the work has been done for you already. The walls are already there and so is the roof, and so only some small changes need to be made to make it a livable area. You never use the garage anyway for parking your car as every time you come home from work, you always park it in the drive. There is a living area just waiting there for you to convert it into something really special.

So there you have it, here are two ways in which you can create more space within your home and keep your family happy for a few more years before they move out.

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