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Groundwork: How Essential is it to a Construction Project

Many people have heard of groundwork specialist, but a lot of us are unsure about what they do. If you ask any building contractor, they’ll tell you that they are a vital part of their construction team. Groundwork and foundation work go hand in hand, they can be difficult to get right if you choose the wrong construction crew. Groundworks in Sutton are conducted by skilled individuals who are usually part of team of tradespeople who offer full project management. You’ll also find that some foundation and groundwork professionals operate alone.

If you are thinking of hiring a builder to look after your project from start to finish, they must have access to a range of skilled tradespeople:

  • Groundwork specialist
  • Engineer
  • Electrician
  • Carpenter
  • Bricklayer

You don’t want to have multiple teams on the job at the same time, having one manager who oversees everyone makes the project run a lot smoother.

The Importance of Groundwork & Foundations

If you know nothing about groundwork or laying foundations, you should read up on the subject and learn more about this important trade. A groundworker is needed for domestic and commercial projects, their expertise is essential to the project’s success. A groundwork technician prepares the ground for the new build, setting out a perimeter and ensuring the surface is stable. They also go about laying the right foundation to ensure the project has a solid base. They examine the area and install drainage and make connections to existing pipework. Without them a commercial or residential build should not go ahead.

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