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Different Types of Water Heaters Available in The Market

If you are searching for new water heater then it is necessary that you must be aware about various types of water heaters available in the market these days.

With the change in technology, there are a number of different varieties of water heaters you can find.

Here are the few varieties of water heaters, which you can generally find in the market. Based on your choice and liking you can choose one for your home.

Conventional storage tank type water heater

In this, the water tank where water is filled, the heater is also fitted inside and based on the tank capacity, and you will get necessary hot water. Since these tanks will keep storing the water for longer period, you need to regularly clean the water tank.

Benefits of this variety of water heater will be that it can easily be installed and are available at affordable price. Biggest disadvantage is that they can carry only limited hot water.

Tankless water heater

In this variety of water heater, no water tank is needed but super-heated coils are used which is filled with water. This can quickly heat the water and can be suitable for any large families too. You can choose the right size based on the size of your family.

Though no tank is used, but it also needs cleaning once in a year. These kinds of heaters are usually more energy efficient and heat as per your requirement of water. Downside is that it can be relatively expensive.

Heat-pump water heater

Here it uses heat of air and ground in order to heat water. Electricity is only used for pumping the water from the ground. Since such kind of system too use water tank, and hence it will need regular cleaning.

This type of heater can be both energy efficient and cost efficient too in the longer run. However, this type of heating system will not be very effective for the colder countries.

Solar-power water heater

This can be most energy efficient heating system as it uses solar power for heating the water. Particularly those who are living in warmer countries can save plenty of money on energy.

Since this system too needs tank and hence regular cleaning will be needed. However, such system can be very expensive and you can get return of your investment after 40 years.

Condensing water heater

If you are using natural gas for heating then this can be the best option. Here too you need to regularly clean the tank, also they are not available in smaller size.

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