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Choosing What Could be the Best Wall Décor for You

Tired of wallpaper, aging posters or paintings of your great-great-aunt? That’s good, we have scoured the decor ideas for you to find the ways to decorate your walls and thus add your own touch to your love nest.

Between your apartment and you, this little something is missing to make you feel peacefully happy when you return home. It seems cold to you, doesn’t look like you enough. Don’t panic, we have the solution! Warm up the atmosphere by adding the personal touch you need on your walls. For bedroom wall decor this is important.

Wall tattoos are a great way to update your child’s bedroom walls. You can easily change the look of the walls by choosing from a wide range of decorative patterns. The wall stickers in the child’s room are perfect for adapting the wall design to a corresponding theme. The favorite characters of kids like pirates, superheroes or princesses are easily invited in the children’s room. The biggest advantage of wall tattoos is that they can be easily removed from the wall if necessary.

  • Girl child room
  • Children’s room in blue color with stuffed animals and festive decoration
  • Pink children’s room with bed, chest of drawers and toys

The wallpaper

The wallpaper in the children’s room is colorful and fun. It is best to cover one or two walls in the nursery with funny wallpaper. Anything is possible provided you agree with the child’s interests.

Don’t you want to line the entire wall? So, just make a border with pretty little patterns, for the rest of the room choose a wall painting in pastel shades. Choose soft colors for a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Colored wallpaper

  • Balloon in pink on a wall of a girl’s room.
  • Very colorful baby room with a baby bed and an armchair next to it, as well as baby decoration on the wall.

Magnetic & erasable boards

Are your kids overflowing with creativity? Install a magnetic board on the wall. So the little ones can have fun creating their own wall decoration by attaching different objects and photos to it. If your children are already in school, display their diplomas and class photos. Magnetic display boards,inexpensive and easy to install, are an excellent decorative element which, in addition, develops the child’s creativity.


The cork board plays the same function as the magnetic board. The only difference is that instead of magnets, there are pins to attach pictures or notes. This is why cork panels are suitable for older children.

The erasable whiteboard is also a good way to provide your children with creative space. With erasable pens and markers, your children can now draw on the board as they wish.

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