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Building your Dream Home? Tips & Suggestions

Not all of us get the chance to design out living space, but those that are in a position to do so need to carefully consider many aspects of the build. For some, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and getting it wrong simply isn’t an option and with that in mind, here are some tips and suggestions to ensure your dream home is perfect in every way.

ü  Consider Knockdown – Rather than acquiring a plot of vacant land, it might be better to buy an old property and knock it down; there are builders of custom-built homes in Canberra that specialise in knockdowns and they handle the demolition and clearing.

ü  Think Zero Maintenance – Using state of the art building materials with excellent thermal insulation is something to consider. Find a custom builder who will design and build the perfect living space and with hardly any maintenance, you will benefit in several ways.

ü  Clean & Renewable Energy – It would be a cardinal sin to build a home and not make good use of hi-tech solar energy systems; the Australian government will give you an interest-free loan to install solar panels and such is the efficiency, you no longer need to be hooked up to the National Grid. This is the long-term goal of the current administration; to close down all of the fossil fuel burning power stations once and for all.

ü  Think Future – If you think you might require additional living space in the future, the design should incorporate the extension; something the custom builder knows all about. You could put down a concrete base in a secluded part of the garden, ready for that container home/office that you are planning to add. It isn’t everyone who gets to design their own home and the more thought you put into the design stage, the better. If a pool is in the long-term plan, take this into account when designing the building and this will ensure a smooth project delivery when the time comes.

ü  Site Surveys – The builder should recommend a few land surveys, which they can likely carry out themselves’ of course, a lot would depend on the terrain and whether a rural or urban setting. There might be a need to search for old utilities and if a knockdown, there could be asbestos present; something that needs checking.

If you hook up with a special custom builder that has a great reputation within the local community, they can handle every aspect of the build, including dealing with the local authority.

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