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Bring Your Favorite Sports Home with a Backyard Court

Backyards are often underused. But with a little creativity and enough budget, you can transform them into an amazing space. You can turn yours into a personal oasis complete with custom Bullfrog hot tubs. If your family is into sports, however, why don’t you build a sports court in your backyard? That will help you and your kids stay active and have fun this summer while keeping your distance from others.

Of course, transforming your backyard into an attractive sports court isn’t that easy. Here are some pointers to make sure you don’t strike out while taking on this project this summer.

Pick a game

Make up your mind about what you want to play. Usually, a half basketball court can double as a tennis court. Still, it’s essential to decide on games you want to play to get the right measurements, lines, markings, and floor materials. If you wish to play volleyball or badminton as well, make sure to disclose that to your contractor. This way, they can build a basketball court that it’s easy to modify for other sports.

Inspect your space

It’s not enough that your backyard is big enough to fit a court. You also need an adequate buffer between your area and your neighbor’s property. There may be some restrictions you need to check before you start any work. It’s best to consult your local planning and zoning board to know the regulations. It’s also likely that you’ll need a permit for the project since you will add a non-permeable surface to your yard.

Select the right surface

Depending on the sports you want to play, your court surface can be made of asphalt, concrete, or compacted base materials. Concrete is more durable than asphalt, but both are non-permeable. So be wary of standing puddles in your yard. Removal of such courts can also be challenging. Another option is to go for compacted base materials, which are porous but not durable. You will still need to install sports modular surface on top of the base. The good thing with this modular surface is it can absorb shock and lower the risk of sports injury. It is also easy to remove if you need to renovate your yard again.

Consider landscaping changes

Transforming your yard into any sports court will require changes in your landscaping and drainage. Expect a lot more work and higher project costs if some trees and boulders need to be removed. You may also need to have professional grading to make the site more suitable for a sports court.

Set a budget

While a mini-golf course in your backyard might cost you next to nothing, a sports court is much more expensive. Sit down with your contractor before beginning any work. Specify if you want a multi-purpose court, so your contractor can include customization in the project cost. Also, discuss the landscape changes, surface materials, and other project requirements to create a more realistic budget.

Even with social distancing, your summer doesn’t have to be dull. By maximizing your backyard space, it will be easy and convenient for your family to play fun, exciting, and competitive games all season long.

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