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Air Duct Cleaning: Answering The Top Questions For Homeowners!

If your HVAC unit has not be functioning at its optimal level, you may want to call the professionals, but ensure that you also get the air ducts checked. Air ducts are responsible for transferring cooled and warm air inside the house, and with extensive use, there could be a built-up of dust, contaminants and pollutants. Leaking and unsealed air ducts can impact indoor air quality, and more importantly, this can affect HVAC systems and can increase energy bills considerably. If you are wondering how to get rid of mold to want to know more about air duct cleaning, please refer to top questions listed below.

When to consider air duct cleaning?

If you see dust all around the house, or have enough proof that the HVAC units are not working optimally, you may want to contact a company for air duct cleaning. Air ducts must be also checked when there is evident sign of mold. In case you have too many rodents in the house, or suspect pest infestation, getting an inspection done is a good idea. Similarly, if you see a buildup inside the ducts, or there are issues with the cooling, contact a company for quick check.

How much do I have to pay?

The cost of air duct cleaning depends on the work and level of buildup inside the ducts. Only when professionals have checked the ducts and have done the inspection, you can expect to get an estimate. Keep in mind that the estimate is a lot less than what you will pay for repairs and maintenance of HVAC problems. The estimate for air duct cleaning, however, should be a clear one with no room for extras whatsoever.

How to hire a company for the job?

First and foremost, check if the company is a known one and if they specialize in air duct cleaning for residential customers. Pricing may seem like an important factor, but that’s never the only reason to hire a company. Secondly, ask them if they have an in-house team for the job. The process of air duct cleaning and the equipment used must be explained to the customer, and if you want to know a company better, ask for references. Check if they have good reviews online, and do discuss the time required for the work.

Check for air duct cleaning companies now and ask for an inspection and estimate!

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