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What Size of Roof Lantern Should You Choose?

Once you have made the decision to opt for the installation of a roof lantern in your home – whether as part of an existing room in the house or as part of a newly planned extension – there are a few other considerations to take. These include the supplier you choose to purchase from, as well as the installation process. It is often quite hard for homeowners to decide exactly what size roof lantern they require for a property extension, and it isn’t always possible to give a definitive answer. Every home is different, as is every homeowner and the décor and aesthetic at every property.

It will come down to your personal preference at the end of the day, but you should always seek out the experience and know-how of roof lantern suppliers that can help you understand the choices you are making and offer guidance as to the correct style and size of roof lantern.

The choice of adding a roof lantern to a property as become more popular in recent years as homeowners begin to look at new ways in which they can bring in extra light and a feeling of spaciousness to their homes. There is a real visual appeal to a roof lantern just at first glance. They encapsulate the essence of elegance and luxury, bringing a sumptuous feel to proceedings in any home and under any décor and aesthetic. A good roof lantern, installed properly, will make a huge difference to the appearance of both the exterior and interior of a home.

The additional light that a roof lantern brings to a room is astounding, with up to three times the amount of natural sunlight filtering into a property. This helps to reduce the need for artificial lighting on even the darkest of days, adding to the green benefits and sustainable actions and desires of a household. There are many health benefits to those who are exposed to higher levels of natural light and a roof lantern certainly increased those levels.

The size of roof lantern will come down to a range of factors, primarily those concerning the size of the roof it will be installed on. It is a rarity for a roof lantern to span the entirety of a flat roof, but you will see that most roof lanterns are designed to fit in the very centre of a roof, or as close to it as possible. This will ensure the greatest coverage of light for all four corners of the room below, as well as give the best chance for natural light to reach the adjoining rooms.

Even a smaller roof lantern that is sized around 100x100cm will allow you to receive a surprisingly large amount of light, with a 150x250m roof lantern is a good addition to an average sized roof, allowing good levels of natural light. It is important to sit down with your roof lantern suppliers to see what they have available and what they would advise you to do based on the specific size of your roof and/or planned extension.

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