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Unusual Sounds and Noises in Your House: What is Causing Them and How to Fix Them

Picture this scenario: the night seems calm and you are getting ready for bed because you have to wake up early tomorrow for work except there is an unusual noise that is preventing you from drifting off to sleep. No, it is not coming from an intruder nor a supernatural entity. Something in your house is making an unpleasant sound that is disturbing the peace and quiet.

There are so many things around the house that typically make a sound. The doors open and close, the shower or tap when someone is in the bathroom, or the pots and pans whenever you are cooking all create a noise. However, often, when it is becoming disruptive, it might be a symptom of a problem that, if you leave it unaddressed, can end up in costly repairs and replacements.

What the Furnace is Telling You

If there is a noise in your house that is disturbing your sleep, there is a huge chance that it is coming from the furnace. The furnace should not be noisy, but plenty of issues may cause it to scrape, thump, hum, squeal, rumble, and bang in the middle of the day or night. As soon as you hear an unusual sound coming from the furnace, call the professionals quickly. A furnace service can immediately diagnose the problem and do maintenance work to stop it from making any noise.

A constant rumbling noise, for example, may be caused by a problem with the burner. The thumping could be coming from the motor or the blower wheel. Several things can go wrong with the furnace, so get professionals on the phone as soon as you hear a weird sound.

The Different Sounds of Water

The sound of water coming from the kitchen or the bathroom is not unusual, but if it can be heard throughout the day and night, even when no one is using it, you have to find out where it is coming from stat! You may be unaware, but water may be leaking which will cause your utility bills to shoot up by the end of the month.

Look around for any visible water damage or water pooling in the interior and exterior of your house. Check every nook and cranny to make sure that there is no major leak that you do not know about.

The water running through the pipes may cause noises, too. If hot water flows onto a cold metal pipe, the material would expand, creating a rapid then slower ticking coming from behind your walls. Pipes also vibrate when high-pressured water goes through them which may generate a tapping sound as it moves around the space.

Installing insulation and lowering water pressure should fix the issue. If not, it is best to call a plumber.

Electrical Buzzing from Your Appliances

The sound of electricity buzzing is often very concerning. Electricity, after all, can harm anyone exposed to it.

Many appliances found around the house may cause buzzing. The refrigerator and the dryer can both create unusual sounds. If the buzzing is coming from the refrigerator, the compressor may be broken or about to break. If it is the dryer, then perhaps an object was caught in the blower wheel.

The buzzing may also come from the outlet or switch. If this is the case, call an electrician. A wire might have come loose which is very dangerous.

Scratching and Skittering Behind the Walls

The sound of scratching and skittering behind the walls seems like a nightmare scenario coming from a horror movie, but it likely is just a sign that you have a critter running around your house.

It can be a mouse, but squirrels and raccoons getting lost can be settling down and causing a noise behind the walls. Look for more clues like a bite or a chew mark, a hole in the wall, and droppings. Call animal control to get them out of your house.

The noise coming from any part of your house should be investigated so that you are sure that it would not cause a problem later on or endanger the life of your family.

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