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Repairing and Replacing Air Conditioners Can Be a Tricky Decision

In case your air conditioner has become too old then you may wonder whether you should replace it with a new one or not. If it fails too often during peak summer season then you must get it repaired.

Ideally, the right time to decide whether to repair or replace air conditioner should be during fall season. During this time, you will get plenty of time to look around and find the right air conditioner for you.

However, to make right decision about replacing your air conditioners is usually a very tough decision as there is no definite answers to many questions. We will discuss few factors based on that you can arrive at certain decision.

How you should get advice?

We all know that most service providers will always try to sell a new system even if your old air conditioner needs a simple repair.

Also, some repair technician may advice you to keep the same AC so that he may get more opportunity to repair your air conditioner.

In such scenario whose advice should you take? Following are 2 tips to weed out those vendors who are advising you wrongly.

  • Never take immediate decision
  • Try to find any unbiased service provider

Few facts can help you to arrive at good decision

Following are few things that you should consider to arrive at better decision:

  • What’s broken?

Often during breakdown, the parts that you need to replace are pretty cheap and it may not put any strain on your budget. However, sometimes the parts may be very expensive too.

If you need to frequently replace a very costly part then it is better to replace the unit.

  • Age of the system

Usually, the age of any air conditioner is about 15 – 20 years. If your unit has outlived its age then it is quite likely that if it breaks down then you may not get the exact replacement part in the market.

  • Look at the maintenance history

You can check the maintenance history of the unit and if you find that unit needs frequent repair then perhaps it will be better to replace the unit rather than continuing with it.

  • Recent performance

If your AC unit is doing fine and you are regularly doing proper preventive maintenance then it will be better to continue with it. However, if its performance is too bad then you may consider replacement.

  • How much energy you can save on your energy bills with your new unit?

If you find that your present air conditioner is consuming too much electricity and with a new AC you can make considerable amount of savings in the utility bill then perhaps you can decide to replace the unit.

For a homeowner, inspecting and maintaining an air conditioner is challenging due to a lack of information, tools, and abilities to see signs it is time for a refrigerant recharge. This is where a professional air conditioning service comes in handy.

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