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Handy Tips & Tricks from Plumbers to Save You Money and Time

The home’s plumbing system is considered as one of the essential parts of every household. It provides people’s water needs. With the help of some tips and tricks, homeowners can take good care of minor problems that can get serious if left ignored. Not only that, but it can also cost them a lot of money in the long run.

That is why, whether homeowners are selling or buying a house, knowing everything there is to know about home’s plumbing can be very helpful. Listed below are some handy plumbing tricks and tips people can use to save them from having to call a professional to do the job for them.

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Unclog drains and toilets

Considered as the most common problem when it comes to plumbing is clogged drains and toilets. While a lot of people use plungers, that does not always work. What about clogged drains? Homeowners can use drain snakes. These tools are cheap and can help catch hairs and other things to clear the pipe. When it comes to removing bigger items that are clogging the pipes, consider using wet vacuums to suck the clog out.

Don’t try to flush things like tissues or hairs down the toilet

One of the biggest reasons for clogged toilets are tissues and hairs or things that are not supposed to be flushed in the toilet in the first place. Do not trust items that are labeled “flushable” because it can still clog pipes. The most common things that have flushable labels, but are considered as the reasons for clogged pipes are tissue papers, hygiene products, as well as small toys.

These items can block the trap, and since toilets today uses less water and pressure to flush, these items, as well as waste can build up and can cause clogs. It might not happen immediately, but it can happen sooner or later. If possible, only use tissue papers. If you are using wipes, make sure to try to find other alternative ways to dispose of these items along with hygiene products.

Make sure to have hot water

When taking a shower, you might want to use hot water, but there are times that the heater in the shower is broken or not working correctly. Not using hot water can cause different types of issues. Yet, there are some things people can check for themselves before hiring a professional. If the house has a gas-powered water heater, homeowners need to make sure that the heater’s pilot light is on. Usually, it is the heat source that is the problem, and the heater cannot heat the water.

Ensure that the water heater is enough for the household size. It is more of a problem that comes later than sooner. But if you buy a pre-owned house, or if your family has out-grown the house, there is a big chance that it is the reason why the household runs out of hot water. Make sure to check its temperature setting. If the setting is too low, you might experience inadequate sources of warm or hot water. For more information about plumbing, check out lift stations for server repair for more details.

Minimize frozen pipelines

Frozen pipelines are something that can be very dangerous, disastrous, as well as costly. There are things that homeowners can do to help prevent this from happening. Make sure that the temperature of the house does not chip into frozen pipelines by ensuring that the temperature is around 68° or higher at all times.

While the house has an excellent warm heat inside the house, it does not always reach the pipes. The best thing to do is to open up all the cabinet doors briefly, while the temp inside your home is at its coldest. Also, make sure that the faucets outside are adequately covered and make sure that garden hoses are disconnected.

Keep the sink trap clean

Before removing sink traps, give drains a few plunges using a toilet plunger. It will push the water out of kitchen sink traps, minimizing the mess when we pull the trap. If the house has a double sink, make sure to plug the drain to help hold the air pressure.

If the filter does not have a score-down style, owners need to hold it down while plunging the drain. Also, it would help if they kept in mind that they should never, at all costs, pour hot grease or oil down the drain. Sooner or later, the grease will get hardened and will require a professional to fix that problem.

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Stop sink hose tangles

It is always annoying when your sink sprayer won’t come out. You are ready to rinse off all the dirty dishes or fill up the boiler with a lot of water, and the hose is intercepted on something. If the homeowner has to fuss the tube in order to use it, there is a big chance that it is tangled on the shutoff valves. The best way to fix it is to go to the nearest local hardware store and buy a half-inch pipe insulation. Fit the pipe insulation over the pipe and shutoff handle, and you will never have to worry about the hose not pulling up.

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