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Guide to Choosing the Best Sod Installation Company in Surrey

Homeowners who have a wide backyard, pool, or garden on their properties would surely consider cultivating the soil. In this way, they can grow refined grasses that will enhance the scenery at home. I guess with such a wide lot, you won’t get bored mowing the place and surround it with beautiful flowers.

That sounds so realistic because you can always hire garden contractors in Surrey to improve your vicinity. With their expertise in gardening and landscaping, your home would be a perfect place for the whole family to have fun outdoors. Thus, make sure that they offer sod installation services since this will be your ground’s base.

Some homeowners might be wondering why their neighbors have to spend on turf when they’re just rolls of soil with grasses. Those people who’ll question you don’t know anything about beautification and adding value to one’s property. Anyway, since this is an interesting investment, you should learn how to choose an ideal company offering installation and maintenance services.


  • In commercial and public places, these are often installed for lawns, stadiums, and golf courses.
  • At home, it’s for our landscapes.
  • Repairing small areas of land.
  • Alternative to growing seeds.
  • To enhance water and air quality.
  • Prevents flood by draining excess water.


Since it’s an investment, it surely aids our home or commercial space. We have here a few of the most essential benefits.

  1. Instant Grass Cover

If you’re going to plant a specific type of grass on your land, you must buy seeds and let them grow. Can you guess how much time it will take to see them grow? Let’s say that you must wait for about a year, then you’d be busy watering them every day.

That would be fine if you’re not in a hurry. But what if you hired people for a makeover? This means that you’ll tell them to come back later when it’s ready for landscaping – see https://www.opeic.ca/news-updates/many-canadians-spending-more-time-in-managed-landscapes-including-yards-according-to-new-survey-by-the-turfmutt-foundation/ and read further.

With sod, you’ll just need a few hours or days to complete the installation. That’s because you’re only covering the ground with turf. After that, you’re ready for other projects.

  1. Minimized Water Usage

When utility bills are soaring high, it means that you’re consuming too much. I suppose your pockets will start complaining so you have to do something.

For sod, you don’t have to consume water multiple times a day. It’s important to retain moisture in the soil, especially when you plant from seed. So, you can do it at least twice watering for turf.

  1. Professionally Grown

Don’t forget that when you’re purchasing turf, you should make sure that these were planted by professionals. It means that these people also cultivate and harvest them. With their knowledge in this field, they’ll surely know what type and quality of soil is required.

With such mastery, high-quality sods will be produced. Let’s say that they have the skills and understanding of how to properly grow them. Thus, they’re also trained on how to roll them in a way that these grasses won’t be damaged while transporting.

  1. Decreasing Events of Soil Erosion

Due to various environmental factors, soil erosion may occur. It’s when you’ll notice that you’re losing the topsoil. Maintaining your lawn could be a headache.

But with sods, the roots are well-established since the soil is secured. That’s why when you plant seeds, erosion happens since their roots could be too young to hold onto the topsoil.

  1. Reducing Heat

Our homes usually receive direct sunlight. Without enough trees around, insulation may not be enough. Thus, heat is absorbed, and this consumes more energy.

But turf absorbs heat, so it doesn’t matter how much sunlight you get. This means that it can help in cooling the place.

  1. Adding Value

If you have plans of selling your property, then installing sod can boost your sales. Keep in mind that you invested in this, thus, it’s just right to increase your home’s value.

That’s why make sure that you will be hiring the best company in Surrey. In this way, you won’t be wasting your investment and will later earn from it.

Choosing the Best Sod Installation Company

There are a few factors that must be considered when hiring contractors for installing turf. This includes:

  • Credentials

We have to look for some documents, such as licenses, permits, and insurance. These papers are for our protection, including the workers. They’re professionals but accidents may occur.

Therefore, the company must be liable for their compensation. If they damage the grasses while moving, then this company should repay or replace them. We can’t prevent them from breaking something in our property and that’s their accountability.

Don’t forget to check about their company from legit organizations. It’s how you’ll learn if their business is legal.

  • Experience

How experienced are these people in this industry? If they have been in this profession for a long time now, then they’ve surely earned tons of experience.

They should have mastered everything from cultivating soil to harvesting sods. Since they’ll also install these rolls of grasses, they can make fewer mistakes or may have completed the job successfully.

Visit their company profile and you’ll find testimonials from previous clients. Pretty sure that they’ve received countless positive ratings, too. Anyway, if you ask a neighbor about their company, they’ll surely give you a thumbs up.

  • Resources

It would be fine to ask where the sods are coming from. Are they coming from their land or purchased from other providers?

Anyway, if you’re hiring them due to a friend’s recommendation, then ask for some information. Clients need to learn where these sods are harvested. You’re just trying to be curious because you’d like to guarantee the quality of the items.

Most trustworthy companies will be transparent with details, anyway. They’ll tell you honestly where they trade or if it’s from their plantation without hesitation. Indeed, this is better than finding out from other people the truth about their products and services.

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