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Finding A Good Contractor For Your Home Renovation During COVID-19

 Ever since millions of people were sent home by COVID-19 and had them working and going to school remotely, many people have considered making some home improvements out of necessity.

Sure, you think you had ample space at home before the pandemic, but that was before every member of your household was working at home. With that many people crammed up in your space trying to get their own thing done, the need for some remodeling became inevitable.

While some households remedied the situation by decluttering and moving around furniture pieces, others aren’t as flexible and require structural changes to be carried out on their properties.

It’s either that or buy a new home, which at this time, in this economy, might not be an ideal thing to do for everyone.

Step 1: Don’t rush it.

Under the best circumstances, good contractors are hard to find. However, the pandemic has somehow caused an increase in demand for contractors to create bigger spaces in homes to make them conducive to online schooling and remote work.

Events such as this or a hurricane often draw out the bad ones, so you need to exercise caution in looking for the right contractor for you. Don’t be tempted to grab the first one available just because they are free and willing to work with you. Do your research first.

Step 2: Ask people for references and give them a call.

One of the 
best forms of advertising is word of mouth. Anytime someone has a pleasant experience with a product or a supplier, they are most likely to recommend their friends. It’s no different with contractors, so be sure to ask around for leads and feedback on a contractor’s work and character.


And even if they come highly recommended, don’t be ashamed to ask the contractor to provide more references for you of people they’ve worked with and some visuals of their work.

Step 3: Make sure you get a licensed contractor.

As mentioned earlier, tragic and unfortunate events draw seedy characters out of the woodwork. These people will take advantage of the situation and the high demand for contractors. That being said, you must learn how to spot a real one from a phony one. One of the things that will help you determine this is their license.

A license means that the contractor has passed all the requirements needed to operate in your state. Working with a licensed contractor will give you peace of mind and extra protection if something goes wrong.

Step 4: Be very specific with your plans.

Most folks that decide to do a renovation at home are often focused on the result. While this is normal, if most people are only focused on the results, they may be frustrated throughout the tedious process of renovating.

For this reason, you need to be as specific as you can with your plans. You need to lay down all the details from start to finish to help you manage your expectations of how much the project will cost and how long it will take to complete. From costing to materials used to time spent working on-site, everything should be laid out well.

Step 5: Discuss COVID-19 protocols.

One very pressing concern with renovating at this time is the main threat we’re faced with. If you’re pushing through with your plans, make sure to discuss COVID-19-related concerns with your contractor. Find out how they will go about the project while still 
strictly observing the protocols set by the local government and the CDC.

If their answers don’t give you any satisfaction or peace of mind, either you need to postpone the project or look for another contractor.


Step 6: Be willing to compromise on a few things.

Lastly, since you will be working on your project during the pandemic, manage your expectations. You will be working with limited resources and supplies on, perhaps, a longer timetable than usual. Be flexible enough to compromise on certain things, such as having temporary fixes while waiting for the right item you ordered from a 
furnace company or slightly changing your plans.

For a renovation project to be done right, you need to do the right things and do things right. Never rush the process so that you don’t compromise the quality of the results. If you have concerns or questions about the work being done, don’t hesitate to bring them up with your contractor. They’re there to ensure that you get what you want and are satisfied with what you’re paying for.

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