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Double Hung Windows For Your Home: Things To Know

If you are considering replacing old windows, you may want to think of new styles and designs. While double hung windows are not entirely new, the style and its appeal never fade. So, what is a double hung window? This kind of design typically has two sashes, which slide up and down, just like slider windows do horizontally. There are springs used in the side track, which allows easy movement of the glass panes. Should you consider double hung windows for your home? Here are some things to know.

Contract a window installation service

Finding the right contractor for window installation and replacement can make a big difference. They can help you choose between designs and decide on double hung design. Companies like Best Buy Windows and Siding have been working in the industry for years, and they have a fair idea of interiors and décor too. In general, double hung windows are best used for contemporary homes that have a traditional appeal, while conventional homes often have this style in common.

The advantages

There is a wide range of styles and designs to choose in double hung windows, which remains the biggest advantage. Also, the pricing doesn’t have to break your bank, and you can work with your contractor in a budget. As far as using the windows are concerned, the model designs have springs and are super easy to operate. Unlike tracks of slider windows that often end up having a lot of debris and dirt, double hung windows don’t get dirty so easily.

On the flip side

Since double hung windows either rely on weights or spring, the mechanism can go wrong at some point, so maintenance and repairs may become necessary. For intruders and burglars, breaking through such windows is not a hard task.

Taking the call

Talk to your contractor in detail and discuss if you should use double hung windows as a replacement for standard casement windows, or slider windows. Slider windows can have vinyl frames and can be considered for smaller spaces, so that’s an advantage over double hung style. Nevertheless, the popularity of double hung windows continues to soar, and as long as you get an estimate that works for your expected budget, you should consider that as an option.

Check online now to find more on window installation services in your city, to enquire more about double hung windows and other styles.

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