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Check The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Ordering Indian Food At Home!

Ordering food at home can be confusing, especially if you are considering an Indian restaurant. There are dozens of starters, and even greater number of curries, flatbreads and gravies. If you are a food who is looking for a gastronomical experience, we recommend that you follow these basic tips before seeking Denver Indian food delivery.

  • Do include a tandoor item. Tandoori chicken, Malai kebab, and sheek kebab – Indian starters are unlike anything you may have tasted so far. If you don’t know what to start with, go for the classic Tandoori chicken. The chicken with bone is marinated overnight and then cooked in a clay oven called the tandoor.
  • Try a mild Indian curry. Most people think of Indian food to be super spicy, but you would be surprised to find some really mild and flavorsome curries on the list. A good option is Butter Chicken, and if you are a vegetarian, go for Paneer Pasanda or Paneer butter masala.
  • Don’t forget the Indian flatbreads. Indians love their flatbreads, which may include a simple Roti with no butter, or a naan that’s traditionally cooked in the tandoor and is smeared with butter. Flatbreads are ideal for most Indian gravies and it is very unique in terms of texture and taste, especially if you compare with standard bread.
  • Make time for Biryani. For those who just want to taste Indian food and don’t want to order a lot of things, Biryani is what they need. Biryani is made of rice, meat and flavorful spices with saffron, and it is a full meal in itself. It is not high on spices, and the best Indian restaurants always use a special rice to cook the biryani on a slow flame. Try the chicken, vegetarian or button Biryani!

  • Indian desserts can be surprising. There are endless Indian desserts out there, but we recommend that you try Kheer before anything else. Kheer is made of fragrant rice and milk with sugar and is extremely tasty in simple words. There is also Gulab Jamun, which is made of milk balls soaked in a sugar syrup.

If you are new to Indian cuisine, we recommend that you find an authentic restaurant. The good thing is there are many Indian restaurants all over the US, and some of them are known for their signature recipes. Try out and let us know about your gastronomical experience.

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