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8 Ways to Prepare for an Overseas Move

Planning a move is always a bit stressful as there is a lot to do in order to prepare and be ready for the big day. When moving within the same region or even the same country you will find it to be time-consuming and somewhat stressful, but when you are relocating to an overseas home this adds some extra elements to the process so being extra organized and proactive is the best decision you can make.

Putting in some time leading up to the move is important as there is a lot to think about when moving to a new country far from home. Nelson movers are there to help if you live in the Kootenay region. Just be sure to put in the time and effort to get you and your house ready before you head off. Here are a few suggestions on where to start the journey.

  1. Make a Moving Budget

It is always imperative that when moving people have a budget in place so they know how much money they can expect to spend out of pocket. Even if relocating for work with the costs covered by the company there are still some expenses that will pop up that need to be paid for. Knowing what to expect for payments before the move is important especially with an overseas move which can get expensive.

  1. Find a Reputable Moving Company

When moving your household overseas it is key that you find a professional, experienced and trustworthy moving company to help you ship your belongings from your current residence to the country you will be relocating to. Some will specialize in long-distance international moves so they can help you with many of the moving specifics you should know about before you organize and send your belongings off.

  1. Go Through Your Belongings

When planning an international move it is likely necessary for you to go carefully through your things and donate or recycle anything that is not essential for life overseas. Shipping belongings by air, ship, train or truck you are paying by space and weight so keeping it to a minimum means a cheaper move. Remember you can buy and replace a lot of your things once you get to the your new home country.

  1. Choose How to Ship Your Stuff

Most people who are sending their household items internationally use a cargo ship as an airplane is much more expensive and this means fewer of your belongings meeting you on the other end. If you are not sending a lot you may consider air transport though as it will get to the destination much faster. Spend some time looking into options and talk with the moving company you plan to use. They can help you.

  1. Hire Movers to Pack

Moving a household within the same city or country packing your own things can help cut costs but when moving internationally hiring a professional moving company that is experienced with overseas relocations may be the better idea. They can even help you to decide some of the items you should leave behind and which ones it makes sense to take. They are also experienced in packing as much as possible without wasting space.

  1. Decide on Containers

It is typical to move a household overseas using a shipping container to carry your belongings. If you take this route you will need to figure out how many containers you need to get all your essentials to the new home. It is important that you do not have a lot of empty space within the container so keep it to one if you think filling a second one is not possible. Packing your belongings with this in mind can help with decisions.

  1. Prepare Documentation

Anyone who is planning to ship goods to another country must have the proper paperwork and documentation in place. Take the time to figure what you need so your belongings do not get held up anywhere along the journey. This can be a very big headache so be sure to fill out all necessary customs forms and check into any other official documents you are expected to prepare.

  1. Pick Delivery Method

How your belongings are handled will affect the cost so take some time when deciding whether you plan to bring your items to the port, if you want to have a container delivered to your door or if having movers take care of it all door to door is how you plan on dealing with the move. Convenience is more expensive but it may be worth it.

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