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3 Tips For Helping Your Elderly Loved One Update The Look Of Their Home

If you have an elderly loved one who’s been in their home for years and years without making any changes or updates, it might be time to discuss with them ways to take their home into a more current style. Especially if you imagine that they’ll be moving into an assisted living facility before too long, taking steps now to make their home ready to sell will be very beneficial to everyone involved. 

To help you know where to start with this, here are three tips for helping your elderly loved one update the look of their home. 

Get The Basics Taken Care Of

The first things that you should have your elderly loved one take care of when updating or upgrading their old home are the basics of the home’s structure. 

Ideally, you should start with having the roof and the foundation looked at. This way, you can ensure that the home is safe for them and will be safe for anyone else who may move into the home in the next few years. Additionally, getting these basic things taken care of first will help you to better prioritize your loved one’s budget so they don’t wind up spending too much money on something that’s purely for aesthetic appeal. 

Update Their Kitchen Appliances

One thing that’s sure to show the age of the home is the kitchen. And since this is where many homeowners spend a lot of their time, it could be well worth it to your elderly loved one and future buyers to breathe some new life into this space. 

A great way to make the whole look of the kitchen appear newer is to update the appliances. Luckily, it’s not just the look of the kitchen that will improve if you and your elderly loved one choose to put new appliances in. Along with a more modern look, having newer appliances can help you rest easier knowing that these appliances will work well for your eldelry loved one for the rest of their life. And with smart appliances, you can even have fail safes about things like leaving the oven or stove on. 

Put In Some New Lighting

Many older homes have very old light fixtures as well. And because styles of light fixtures can and do change so frequently, the light fixtures in your elderly loved one’s home likely need to be updated. 

A few ways you can update the look and feel of the lighting in your elderly loved one’s home is to add recessed lighting. This can help the whole home feel much more modern as well as making it easier for your loved one to see while they’re still living there. 

If you’re wanting to help your elderly loved one bring their home into the future, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see where to focus your efforts. 

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