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3 Interesting Exterior Decor Tips for an Old House 

Whether it’s a gift from a grandparent after their move into an assisted living facility or property bought by yourself from years of financial responsibility, one of the best things about owning an old house is all the decor potential for both the interior and exterior. 

So here are some interesting exterior decor tips for an old house. 

Historical Harmony

If you’re into keeping that old house charm alive, you want to dig into the history. Check out the architectural style of your home’s era because that often guides your choices. Choosing exterior colors that were popular back then, and picking materials and details that match the original design really means you’re staying true to the vibe.

Say your place is a Victorian-era beauty, go for a color palette with those rich jewel tones. Add some fancy trim and embellishments to really mimic that intricate Victorian architecture sense. Or, if you’re rocking a Colonial-style crib, tone down the colors to keep it simple and authentic. Shutters and a classic colonial-style front door, that’s what you want.

Landscaping Elegance

Now, let’s talk landscaping. If you want your curb appeal to pop, a well-thought-out landscape often does the trick. Plan a setup that gels with your house’s style, using classic elements like symmetrical plantings, vintage-style pathways, and some classy outdoor lighting. It really adds value to your property.

Imagine a formal garden with neatly trimmed hedges and flower beds – that’s some early 20th-century charm right there. Toss in a winding brick path and vintage lamp posts, and you’ve got yourself a nostalgic paradise. Or, if your house is a Craftsman-style gem, bring in the natural elements. Stone and wood, that’s what you want. Native plants, handcrafted pottery – a little artisanal touch to jazz things up.

Modern Comfort, Vintage Charm

We all want a cozy home. Balancing modern comfort with that vintage charm really means your place is both functional and easy on the eyes. So upgrade stuff like windows and doors for energy efficiency, but keep the original look intact. Blend period-appropriate colors with a bit of contemporary landscaping flair.

For example, double-pane windows that keep the old divided-light style can be awesome. Pair it with some smart outdoor lighting and you get the vintage with a modern twist. Or, if you’re living in a Mid-century Modern spot, keep it clean. Low-maintenance plants, modern outdoor furniture – it’s all about that smooth blend of old-school and contemporary.

Giving your old house a facelift isn’t just about sprucing it up – it’s about honoring its history while making it work for your modern lifestyle. Whether it’s embracing the elegance of a bygone era or blending old charm with new comforts, try out these exterior decor tips so that your home is not only beautiful but also brimming with personality. 

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